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a.u.t.h.o.r. t.i.t.l.e.
aeschylus the oresteian trilogy
anger, kenneth hollywood babylon
auden, w.h. selected poems
beauvoir, simone de all said and done
beauvoir, simone de the prime of life
bergman, ingmar the best intentions
brakhage, stan film biographies
brecht, bertolt mother courage and her children
brecht, bertolt parables for the theatre (the good woman of setzuan/the caucasian chalk circle)
burroughs, william s. my education: book of dreams
capote, truman other voices, other rooms
cassirer, ernst the myth of the state
castaneda, carlos the teachings of don juan: a yaqui way of knowledge
cicero selected works
descartes, rene discourse on method and the meditations
eco, umberto foucault's pendulum
foucault, michel discipline and punish, the birth of the prison
genet, jean the balcony
genet, jean our lady of the flowers
heidegger, martin being and time
joyce, james finnegans wake
juvenal the sixteen satires
kiki memoirs of kiki, the education of a frenh model
lergessner, james g. a shrine to the artist ian faiweather
marcuse, herbert one dimensional man
mcluhan, marshall war and peace in the global village
miller, henry the colossus of maroussi
mongait, a.l. archaeology in the u.s.s.r.
nabokov, vladimir the gift
nasir, sayyid abdallah a. al inkishafi, the soul's awakening
proust, marcel remembrance of things past vol. 1 swann's way
sadie, stanley the new grove mozart
satre, john paul nausea
satre, john paul iron in the soul
satre, john paul the reprieve
stein, gertrude three lives
tacitus the annals of imperial rome
tacitus the histories
thompson, hunter s. hell's angels
thompson, hunter s. fear and loathing in los vegas
thoreau, henry david walden and civil disobedience
thucydides history of the peloponnesian war
tippett, michael moving into aquarius
trotsky, leon in defence of marxism
various mcluhan hot & cool edited by g.e. stearn
various shake the kaleidoscope poetry anthology edited by milton klonsky
vidal, gore caligula
wire, the 259 september 2005
wire, the 262 december 2005
wire, the 266 april 2006
wire, the 267 may 2006
wire, the 271 september 2006
wire, the 278 april 2007
wire, the 282 august 2007
wire, the 286 december 2007
woolf, virginia the death of the moth and other essays
wool, virginia the second common reader